When the season us upon us, make sure you don't miss out.

Country living certainly has its perks and flavoursome game is one of them. We source our game from local estates and occasionally further afield during the season. Here's a selection of what's available, depending on supply.


Lean and gamey, pheasant is a delicious treat roasted with root veg.


Rich, flavoursome and versatile, roasted or pan-fried with mash and sauce.


A slow cooked rabbit stew makes a big bowl of rich flavoursome loveliness.

What's on offer?

Our products are seasonal, so check in-store for new cuts and special offers. We'll be adding more soon.

Smiddy Haggis

Ask in-store for our very own Haggis.


Dry cured in our butchery.

Smiddy Steak PieS

Made by hand in our butchery.

Reserve an order

If you'd be interested in ordering some meat or even a mixed family pack, email our head butcher or call 01786 235 025 to reserve items for collection and make enquires about specific cuts. Unfortunately we don't offer online delivery at the moment.

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